Corporate Yoga


Why Use Yoga in the Workplace?

Yoga is a holistic approach to physical and mental health, as well as a person’s well-being and personal growth. Yoga gives the skills to manage stress effectively. In this way, yoga benefits the workplace by increasing energy levels, which increases productivity, improves attention span, ability to focus and stamina.

Working in an office or at a computer for prolonged periods of time can put strain on the neck, shoulder and back muscles which in turn can lead to tension and stiffness. This tension can cause headaches, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain that can change the mood and temperament of the individual.With larger numbers of office workers putting in extra hours of work, some “forward thinking” companies have begun to respond with yoga programs for their employees. Even short sessions can release muscle tension and alleviate pains and aches, bringing up the mood and energy levels of those practicing regularly.

Corporate yoga is fast-growing in North America. Business leaders are recognizing the stress-reducing, energy-enhancing benefits that on-site yoga brings to their employees. Prevention is the key and yoga plays a major role. Many employers are benefiting from reduced health insurance rates by implementing wellness programs that include yoga. Corporate yoga is so convenient and affordable that employees are more likely to begin yoga if it is subsidized or provided by their employer. Although many companies have offered the option for their employees to have a class at their own expense, the offer is often taken up because of the convenience.


Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga’s intention is to provide yoga classes and workshops designed to increase well-being for optimal health, productivity and performance. Making yoga accessible to people at all levels creating a safe and comfortable environment to pursue balance, healing and inner strength.

Yoga is not just a mind/body fitness practice. It is a lifestyle that has the potential to transform health care. One class a week will develop concentration, focus and mental strength and flexibility. It strengthens the immune system, improving energy levels thus reducing absenteeism from work. It also compliment your working community and team building efforts, and provides staff members a time for personal development. Everyone benefits.

Hatha yoga is a scientific discipline of awakening the body’s intelligence and removing stress and tension at the source. All tension, both physical and mental, is stored somewhere in the body and stress reduction is a matter of discovering how to release tension on both levels. Yoga classes offer simple, safe, and practical techniques that quickly reduce tension and stress at any time and place, especially the workplace.

Marked Improvements in:

  • Posture improvement for prevention of aches and pains
  • Strengthening for greater resistance to stress
  • Breathing techniques to energize or calm the mind/body


The fact is that each $ spent on yoga in a corporate, returns approximate $3 to the employer. This is apart of general happiness & well being of employees which alone is sufficient enough to adopt yoga lifestyle in a corporate. Though it’s hard to calculate the true benefit of yoga in terms of money bu following link may provide you some figures: Vancouver Sun, July 16 2005

Reduces Absenteeism

Corporate Yoga revitalizes the immune system and the major organs of the body, removing waste products such as alcohol up to three times more quickly. Improved immunity means less workdays lost through colds, fatigue and other non-specific illnesses.

Reduces back pain

An extensive number of sick days are lost because of back pain each year in Australia. The stronger, healthier backs that result from a regular yoga practice will significantly lessen the number of days missed in your company. Count them.

Faster response time

By training you in the art of single pointedness, yoga immediately improves mental concentration and focus.

Improve problem solving skills

Yoga harmonizes the left and right sides of the brain so logical and creative thought come together as one. Flashes of inspiration should become increasingly common.

Ability to Stay Calm

Tightening deadlines, conflict and other stresses will lose their grip as you learn to breathe and stand your ground.

More Energy and Vitality

Yoga awakens hidden reserves of energy within your nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems so drowsiness and fatigue are replaced by alertness and aliveness.

Feel Happiness

Yoga physiologically transforms apathy and depression by oxygenating the brain and increasing the endorphins in the blood.

Team Building

Taking yoga classes together is a way to build better communication and trust between members of a team and even have fun.

… and Much More …

How do we start?

Simply introduce the staff to a trial lunch yoga class and select an ideal day that would work well for most people and the company. Space is required such as a boardroom. Let everyone know they will need to have their own yoga mat. After the class has been experienced we’ll ask for feedback and with that information an ideal program can be designed and a day can be set for a weekly class.

Contact us or call Nora Benian 647-876-0842 to find out how to set up a complimentary trial class.