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Foundations of Yoga

Never done yoga before? It’s never too late to start. This class is for beginners and gives basic instruction of the main principles of yoga. Building from the ground up you will have a strong foundation on which to build your practice. There is a lot to discover in yoga. Receive detailed instructions and learn the 12 primary postures. Strengthen and build your body and develop deeper self-awareness. Be one with yourself and the divine. Just bring yourself and your mat.

Chair Yoga & Meditation

Chair Yoga is for everyone. No matter what age you are or what condition you are in you can experience the health benefits of yoga. Did you know you can perform most yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation techniques from a chair? Even if you are the laziest person in the world you’ll love Chair Yoga.  After learning the basics you can just taking a few minutes out of your work day to perform just one or two Chair Yoga postures, to reduce tension in the shoulders and back or even tension headaches. These yoga stretches will rejuvenate you. The last 10 minutes of the class are spent practicing meditation. This style of yoga is ideal for tight office environments that do not have the space or time to do full hour yoga classes on a mat.


Meditation helps to clear the clutter of your mind,  calms your nerves and develops concentration and focused attention.  Learn how to listen to your inner voice and be guided by your intuition. Seated in chairs, we will explore our thought patterns and consciously choose which thoughts may have power in our lives. Come away with a skill set that keeps you poised and relaxed even in stressful situations. Find “Peace of Mind.”

 Sun Salutations / Energizer

Lets get that heart pumping and the energy flowing. This is a flow class that keeps you moving from beginning to end. You need to have the basics of yoga to safely participate in this class. By linking the poses with the breath the heart rate gently increases giving you a gentle cardio workout. More Prana (life force) will flow through you which makes you glow and carries you through your life with pep in your step.

Restorative Yoga

Starting to loose it? or just simply drained? The focus of this class is on slowing down, de-stressing, and rejuvenating your whole being. Breathing more efficiently and releasing tension will revive you and bring you back to yourself better than ever before.
Bring a blanket, pillow(s) and blocks as well as a mat for this class.

Therapeutic Yoga

By incorporating breathing techniques while in yoga poses you can release tension and stress revealing the real you. This class helps you move past your present limitations in you mind, body and life. It is a is a slow moving class with an emphasis on relaxing through discomfort more deeply than ever before. Get Ready to open you body, your mind and your heart.

Intermediate/ Advanced Hatha Yoga

Take your practice to a whole new level. Become aware of the energetic flow within you and build courage and strength to conquer more challenging poses and exercises. Learn detailed alignment, practice challenging inversions, discover energetic dynamics,  and advance in the practice of pranayama.
Also learn Yoga philosophy, chanting,  and most importantly to meditate more deeply.

Freestyle Yoga Therapy

Many styles of yoga are regimented and often repeat the same pose sequences. Although there are benefits from this type of practice it can also cause repetitive motion strain and an over development in some areas of the body while other areas are left unexplored. Freestyle yoga has come to many yogis who have had various styles of training and advanced body awareness disciplines.

The idea behind Freestyle Yoga is to let the body’s intelligence take over and use all that it has experienced to put together the practice needed at the moment. A series of postures can be repeated for some time and suddenly a whole new movement and discovery may begin. It is spontaneous and unrehearsed and seems to unfold as naturally as dance. Eventually the body and the psyche flow more readily allowing a deeper connection within. The concept is to encourage participants to approach each moment with an open mind to their yoga practice.It’s much more interesting and fun to attend a class where you can never fully anticipate what you will experienced next. After all yoga is about self-discovery.

The workshop encompasses strengthening exercises, long stretches (asanas), breathing practices and play between the poses. There may be constant flow of movement and there will be periods of stillness. Pranayama, meditation and mantra are incorporated bringing you a full Yoga practice, all ultimately guided by you.This advanced yoga class is for Yogis and Yoginis who have had at least 3 years experience of regular practice. Definitely for those who would like to dive deeper into their practice and challenge themselves in self development.

Please contact us to start up a class for yourself or a group in your office or home.

Live fully in the moment! Let yourself evolve! Enjoy the Yogaaah…

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