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Meditation for health, wellness and ‘Peace of Mind.’

We offer classes at your location instructed by experienced and certified instructors. Choose between 30 min., 45 min. or 1 hour classes that include preparation breathing and visualization exercises and detailed guidance into a peaceful state. Whether it is for an event, weekly classes or for “Lunch and Learns” including an organic, delicious, nutritious raw food lunch, your staff will thank you with smiles and focused productivity.

Meditation leaves you feeling rejuvenated, inspired and clear, ready to take on your next task with a smile.


The Benefits of Meditation

Stress Reduction

Meditation reduces stress and have a very direct effect on your entire nervous system by reducing your body’s production of stress related chemicals like cortisol, and increasing the production of mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin.


Improved Health

Meditation strengthens your immune system, reducing your blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. Even if you have just come down with a case of the flu, meditation will enhance the function of your immune system and help to you to rest more deeply, leading to a speedier recovery. Meditation also happens to be a wonderful way to alleviate headaches and to prevent them from recurring.


Improved Sleep

Sleep is a totally natural human function, and it’s something we need every day. But if you have a busy mind or if you are stressed then you may find that your sleep is not as restorative as it should be. Meditation dramatically improves the quality of your sleep, and it is one of the most powerful natural treatments for insomnia, a great reason to meditate.


Slowed Aging

Studies into the effects of meditation have shown that the regular practice of meditation can slow the aging process. It is believed that the physiological cause of this is due to the fact that meditation helps to reduce the body’s production of free radicals. Free radicals are organic molecules that are responsible for aging, tissue damage, and possibly some diseases.


Emotional Stability and Positive Thinking

Meditation is a very powerful natural prescription for people who suffer from anxiety and/or depression, and it is also taught to people who have difficulty controlling their anger. However, every-day people who meditate often generally enjoy a lot more…



People who meditate are less stressed, healthier, they sleep better, and they have a more positive outlook on life. Simply put, meditation makes you a happier person!


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