Yoga Therapy for Stress Reduction

In this healing and restoring class/workshop you will be moving slowly through specifically selected relaxing yogic postures with long holds, incorporating breathing exercises, and meditation. We will practice freeing the flow of the precious life force to re-balance the body and mind and support the natural healing process while relieving tension and preventing future build up of stress.

Yoga is the process of unraveling the tension that builds up in our bodies and minds. The wheels of this unraveling process are turned using poses, breathing, mantras, meditations and learning to listen within. We cleanse and purify, open and strengthen, and we prepare for the increase of life force that will guide us further forward. Eventually we begin to incorporate this process into the way we live our day to day lives. Like going with the flow and doing exactly what is needed at the moment.


Thai Yoga Self- Massage Workshops

Learn to give yourself a Thai massage during your yoga practice.

This workshop is based on the principles of the ancient practices of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. Each session fuses a spectrum of techniques: acupressure work, therapeutic yoga, breath work & energy line massage. In this 2 hour class you will learn how to soothe tired feet, ease a headache, release tension form the hips, shoulders, back and neck. . Learn how to find acupressure points and how to release blocks in the energy flow. This workshop will help you feel brand new and move you beyond your previous limitations and plateaus in your yoga practice.

This is usually a 2 to 4 hour workshop.



Partner Thai Massage Workshop

Learn how to give your partner or loved one a  gift they can truly benefit from many times over and receive the same for yourself.

This is a workshop with an aim to teach you the basic concepts of Thai Yoga Massage and teach you tools and tricks to help relieve your loved one from fatigue, pain and stress. You will learn how to give each other a 30 minute Thai  Yoga Massage. Become more aware of the body and the flow of energy within it. Find out where the main acupressure points are, how to manipulate them and clear the pathway of energy flow. Develop the ability to listen more deeply to another person and to your own intuition. Learn ways to stimulate an open heart and mind through massage and intention. You and your partner will have an opportunity to connect on a higher level that is embracing and loving in ways that bring peace and bliss into your lives.

Come comfortably dressed with layers, bring socks, and tie long hair back.

This workshop length  can be 2 to 12 hours, depending on the desired depth of learning.


Creative Yoga Therapy

Many styles of yoga have become regimented and repeat the same poses every week. Freestyle yoga has come to many yogis who have had various styles of training and advanced body awareness. The body’s intelligence takes over and uses all that it has experienced to put together the practice needed at the moment. Series can be repeated for some time and suddenly a whole new movement and discovery may begin. The concept is to encourage participants to approach each class with an open mind to their yoga practice. It’s much more interesting and fun to attend a class where you can never fully anticipate what will be experienced next.

The workshop encompasses strengthening exercises, long stretches and play between the poses. There may be constant flow of movement and there will be periods of stillness. Pranayama, meditation and mantra are incorporated bringing you a full Yoga practice, all ultimately guided by you.

Living in the moment! Let your Sadhana (practice) evolve.