Nora has been teaching Yoga at Burgundy Asset Management Ltd since 2010. Her classes are life changing. She has been a fantastic teacher and the things we learn in her one hour classes are so applicable to every day living and working well in a very busy corporate world. Nora’s classes do not only focus on the physical side of yoga, she has taught us the most simple but effective techniques of calming ones mind which really results in clarity of thought and purpose. I would recommend that every business make Nora’s classes available to their staff, everyone will benefit.

Robyn Ross, Office manager, Burgundy Asset Management Ltd., Toronto


Nora has worked with us for 2 years now providing yoga training for strength and flexibility, as well as Thai massage. She is a wonderful teacher and provides varied and individualized classes to address both immediate concerns and longer term objectives. Her massages are relaxing but also therapeutic. We have benefited enormously from her services and enjoy her company very much.

Paul Morrison LLB, McCarthy Tetrault and Janet Morrison, M.A. C. Psych Assoc.


I have been practicing yoga on and off for 45 years. Recently, for six months to get back into shape, I took private lessons from Nora, one to three times a week.  I loved doing yoga with Nora. She has a great depth of knowledge and an amazing ability to intuitively sense what is needed on an individual basis and adapt to the need. She makes learning yoga enjoyable and easy. At the end of a session I always felt deeply relaxed. I also benefited very much not only from Nora’s wisdom but her practical suggestions on nutrition. Nora is a real find and I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Joyce Miller, Arbitrator/Lawyer

“There’s nothing like a woman who knows how to take charge.

I took a Therapeutic Yoga class taught by Nora today.’Therapeutic Yoga’ was pretty much a hatha yoga slowed down 3x to focus on problem areas, with a total relaxation experience. We did a bunch of diverse variations from standard positions; the splits in different directions from Halasana(Plow), and breaking down the Surya Namaskar position by position. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep during Shav-asana (Corpse Pose), twice. I’m not one to be charmed by fluff and ambiance but I was quite impressed by the essence and quality of the class and the knowledge of the instructor.  “Therapeutic indeed.”

Roma M.


Nora’s talent with Thai Yoga Massage is out of this world! She knows just how far to go with the stretches, and the fluidity with which she handles the transitions between movements is seamless. Moreover, her breathing cues and lovely energy enhance the overall experience of letting go and chilling out. I would recommend Nora to anyone that wants an amazing massage, or simply needs to relax. She is a truly gifted practitioner and a kind, compassionate human being.

Leo, Village Yoga Studio Owner, Toronto