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Training & Courses

Whether you want to advance your practice, become a yoga teacher or evolve in your teaching journey,

you'll find a course for you.

Online 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

A comprehensive, therapeutically based yoga teacher training.


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Yin Yoga

Teacher Training

Teach Yin Yoga or deepen your personal practice. 



Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Focus on your ability to provide pregnant women with safe, effective yoga.



Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Get to know this practice that calms the nervous system and creates overall health in the body.



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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Get to know this practice that calms the nervous system and creates overall health in the body.


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Mini Yoga Courses for CEU's or Interest

Focused teacher training modules to master elements of teaching. 


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Hear What Others Are Saying

The 200hr YTT with Nora was life changing and I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to learn. At first I was unsure of doing the YTT virtually but quickly found it was suitable to my needs. As someone who was juggling a full time job, having a family and the yoga teacher training, I very much appreciated that all sessions were recorded and accessible to review anytime. I’m not sure if I could have done it any other way.


They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear - I was ready to learn and Nora appeared! Nora is a fantastic teacher with a great ability to break down the poses and explain everything. I highly recommend her YTT and classes.

There is so much theory in Yoga, and one of the hardest things to do is deliver the knowledge with clarity, directness and simplicity, which Nora does so well. Nora has so many years of practice and a lot of knowledge to share. She is also a very nurturing teacher, supporting her students in their progress and cheering them on in their journey.


I cannot reinforce how much I like Nora’s classes, workshops and trainings. I am very lucky to have her as my teacher and since I have enriched my practice and grown so much as a teacher." 

The Yin Yoga Teacher training is a very comprehensive course and designed for all levels of teachers.  I felt immense support from Nora throughout the whole training.  She is highly educated in all aspects of yoga, you'll leave this course fully prepared to go out and teach Yin yoga.  Nora is a kind individual who brings light and laughter to some of the intensities of yoga training.  I've received so much from this experience and feel completely capable to teach Yin yoga.



Heather Parks

Melissa Quintero

Ali Kopinto

I recently took Nora's (Sundari) Restorative Yoga Teacher's Training course and it was one of the best trainings I have ever experienced.  This training is for all bodies regardless if you are a teacher or just wanting to add more self-care to your daily routine.

Nora is a knowledgeable and gifted teacher. Her presence and teachings are a gift to the world.

Thank you so much for the lovely days I spent with you learning and practicing restorative yoga!  I learned a lot about the process and myself and will be teaching what I learned from you this week.

Nora’s 200 Hour Yogaaah Teacher Training course was so informative and inspirational, beyond words. I felt it was complete, thorough and extremely organized. My personal practice grew immensely and I was changed by it. Nora Benian is an inspired, informed, kind and patient teacher who delivers a great expansive subject with great ease and clarity. 

I recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their personal practice and or becoming a yoga teacher. I assure you will feel like one after.  

Thanks again Nora.  These will be days I will always remember!! 

Nora and her course Restorative yoga training is amazing. I was not expecting how powerful this practice is and how it can help people on such a deep level of energy (Prana).

Not only did she teach how to st the poses up and get into the poses but also teach Yoga philosophy; how to be more positive and peaceful while teaching the class beautifully.

I recently completed her Restorative yoga teacher training  and now I am in love with this.

Elise Chamberlain

Adele Levesque

Saraswati River

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