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Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Healing comes from within and requires subtle movements and exercises to open and challenge the body to obtain strength, flexibility, and mobility.


Healing comes from within

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The Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training offers teachers and health practitioners the skills to integrate yoga and healing modalities into their services. This knowledge will help you guide individuals to recover from injuries or illnesses as well as guide those who are pregnant or aging populations. These techniques help bring the various systems within the body into balance, reduce pain, release long-held tensions and help produce a state of mind conducive to the healing process.


Knowing how to work with these groups will deepen your confidence as a teacher, expand the range of private clients you can work with, and increase the types of classes you can offer. The techniques and information taught include: 

Use of physical assessments to determine the needs and goals of an individual, observation of movement, posture, breath, and verbal and non-verbal communication.


These techniques provide physical benefits such as strength and vitality in muscles, bones, connective tissue, and organs. It may also affect the psycho-spiritual benefits by decreasing anxiety, improving concentration, or developing a sense of purpose and connection. Therapeutic Yoga promotes overall wellness and self-healing.


This Therapeutic Yoga teacher training offers a comprehensive and highly refined curriculum including: 


* How yoga relates to health, healing, and wholeness

* How to adapt yoga practices to individual client needs

* How to conduct a comprehensive client intake and assessment

* How to identify conditions that are indicated for yoga therapy

* Establish a therapeutic relationship with clients

* Demonstrate ethical and professional practices

* Physiology of stress and relaxation

* Gentle yoga and therapeutic exercises

* Scar tissue and adhesions

* Meditation for stress reduction and healing

* Breathwork

* Guided imagery

* Energy healing techniques

* Hands-on adjustments 


At the heart of the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program is the intention to bring the healing power of yoga to those in need. We are beginning to see successful Therapeutic Yoga programs in hospitals, senior centers, physical therapy institutes, and wellness centers nationwide. Whether you are a yoga teacher, nurse, physiotherapist or healer this course will give you the tools and the confidence to help your client/patients even more by incorporating therapeutic yoga into their private practices and ongoing classes at yoga centers.

This course offers Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Units – CEUs Yoga Alliance. In-person 30 CEUs/ Online 12 CEUs

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