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Theta Healing

Healing your belief system is the first step in healing yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

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Revel in the ability to heal & evolve.

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Sessions are 60 minutes in length 

Cost $120 or 5 sessions for $550


For Online sessions via Zoom or to book an in-person appointment, please contact me.

Theta Healing is a mind/body therapy that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. In Theta Healing, we connect with the life source to co-create changes: this is why the transformation has perfect integrity and is always done in the highest and best way.


Theta Healing changes the belief systems that create our issues, transforming the body, mind, and spirit — bringing balance, connection, and healing. Theta Healing clients have experienced instant regression from chronic pain, cancer, infections from bacteria and viruses, anxiety and depression, autism, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, and many more conditions.


By re-establishing the original, aligned connection with ourselves others, and the Divine,  healing spontaneously occurs, love blossoms, business booms, and joy finally reigns.​ Theta Healing is both energetic and cell-level healing. It works based on the principles of two exciting fields of science: quantum physics and epigenetics. Quantum physics tells us that we are made up of matrixes of energy with the potential to change, to choose how to re-create ourselves, from one second to the next. This means that, since we are made of energy, we can use energy to change ourselves and our lives, quickly and easily.


Epigenetics (which literally means “above the control of genes”) has proven in study after study that factors in our environment, not our genes, are the primary factors in determining our health. This is vitally important because it means that, despite our genetics, we are able to transform by simply changing our environment and our relationship to that environment. The environment includes not only the nutrients we absorb but the beliefs we consciously or unconsciously live by, and the patterns of behavior we participate in. (It is important to focus on our beliefs, since even if our environment includes a certain component, for example, love — if we don’t believe that we deserve and can accept love, our cells will not take it in.


Theta Healing transforms our environment by changing the vibrations of our receptor cells, thus altering the pattern of neuropeptide flow in our bodies. When we change the patterns of our neuropeptide flow, we change how we feel. When we change how we feel, we change how we act. When we change how we act, we change our lives. 


Theta Healers work to be the bridge between the mind/body/universe connection. Theta Healers have mapped the belief systems and emotions that perpetuate different diseases and disorders in the body as well as blocks to manifesting, carrying extra weight, fear, resentment, or abuse. Our belief systems create our current environment, including our daily patterns, our health, our wealth, and our relationships. These beliefs are often rooted during childhood, passed down from our ancestors, or absorbed from group consciousness. 


Theta Healing was founded in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, and because of its effectiveness has spread incredibly quickly throughout the world.


3-6  sessions are recommended but so much can shift and change even in one session. If you are ready to finally heal and clear the blocks to your wellness and success  book your session here.

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