ONsite Stress Reduction Training and Yoga Therapies


‘We bring yoga to you’ conveniently to your office or home in almost every North American city. Home-based in Toronto, Canada, we are connected with great yoga instructors across North America bringing  Yogaaah’s services to your door. We offer a variety of classes and services that has something for everyone. Our menu of options feed the need for a well-rounded, balanced, holistic training for optimum health and fitness.

Doing Yoga regularly releases tension that builds up in our bodies and minds. Yoga is energizing, helps to reduces stress, calms the nervous system, cleanses and purifies, opens and strengthens the body, and creates self-awareness awakening you to reach greater heights and potentials. Yoga gives you the tools to manage your life with ease. Having a private yoga instructor come to your home, office or community space makes it all that much easier to experience the health benefits and bliss of this ancient practice of yoga and meditation.

Our instructors bring you expert teachings with a smile.  Contact us and we will get you started on the path toward your goals of good health and peace of mind.

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aaah. . . ommm

Aum or Om is the Ancient Eastern symbol for the sound of all sounds. The Universe in harmony.  Try chanting it 3 times morning and night. Help harmonize your world. The word “Yoga” means to “Unite”.  Uniting the mind, body and soul to the great source of life brings a free flow of peace and harmony, as well as strength and balance.