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4 Impactful Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed our lives in some significant ways. Some changes were made by choice, others by force. Some were temporary, while others will stick around for many years to come. Most importantly, many of the changes elicited by the pandemic have had a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole.

Written by Julie Morris, Image by Pexels

In this article, Yogaaah explores four important ways our lives have been changed by the pandemic and how you can make the most of these shifts in routine.

Common Activities Require Additional Planning

While widespread vaccination has reduced the threat of severe illness from COVID-19, people are still concerned about getting sick. Even those who are fully vaccinated can experience unpleasant cold-like symptoms. And if you’re immunocompromised, you want to avoid exposure to infectious diseases of all kinds. This means that common activities require some additional planning to ensure safety for all.

Despite the pandemic, people still need to buy homes, deliver babies, visit the doctor, and go grocery shopping. Thankfully, the pandemic forced businesses to offer virtual services and shopping solutions to facilitate social distancing. For example, many real estate agents and listing websites now offer virtual tours and other online services for homebuyers who want to house-hunt from the safety of home. You can also use the internet to do your own research into house prices, home design features, and other important real estate trends.

If you’re expecting a baby in the coming months, you can prepare for that too! Pack plenty of snacks and drinks in your hospital bag so your partner won’t have to leave to get something to eat. Remember to also pack a face covering and hand sanitizer. You may also want to bring a nursing bra, nursing pajamas, postpartum panties, a pair of comfortable leggings or joggers for the ride home, and your own delivery gown—the ones provided by the hospital aren’t very comfortable or flattering!

Life Moves More Slowly

The pandemic put life on hold for a little while. As a result, many of us have become accustomed to things moving more slowly. This is great for our mental health! Slowing down can lead to better health, less stress, stronger relationships, and increased overall happiness. As we come out of the pandemic, try to continue living slowly, taking time to enjoy small things, and focusing on the present moment.

We’ve Become More Resilient

Everyday Health explains that living through the pandemic has also made us more resilient. Tough times can boost our capacity to cope with discomfort! Moments in life that feel rocky or unstable are fantastic opportunities to pursue personal changes that improve your life in the long run. For some of us, the pandemic encouraged us to try new routines and overcome challenges that helped us get closer to our goals, like achieving financial independence, launching a business, or taking control of our health.

We’re Prioritizing Our Health

Once we learned that taking care of our health could help us avoid serious illness due to COVID-19, many of us made lifestyle shifts toward healthier daily behaviors. Some people started at-home workout routines. Others stopped ordering takeout and started learning how to cook nutritious meals at home. Whatever healthy changes you made during the pandemic, try to maintain them going forward. Exercise daily, spend time outside, drink plenty of water, go to bed early, and eat well. Your mind and body will thank you!

The pandemic may have even inspired you to prioritize the healthcare of others, too. If you’re interested in the nursing profession, there are several online degrees available in the field. Best of all, flexible scheduling means that you can work toward your degree in a way that fits into your life. And a program mentor can help you stay on track.

No one will deny that the pandemic brought a great deal of hardship to many people. But the pandemic also forced us to explore new ways of doing things, leave our comfort zone, reprioritize the things that matter most—like our health. Hold onto these important lessons as the pandemic ends!

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