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Despite our genetics, we are able to transform and heal by simply changing our beliefs, our environment and our relationship to that environment. This includes not only the nutrients we absorb but the beliefs we consciously or unconsciously live by, and the patterns of behavior we participate in.  If we don’t believe that we deserve and can accept love, our cells will not take it in. 

Theta Healing helps you realize what beliefs are holding you back from growth and healing and then you can replace them with what you choose to, what serves your highest good.

Theta Healing Session

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  • Theta Healing is a mind/body therapy that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. In Theta Healing, we connect with the Creator of All That Is to co-create changes: this is why the transformation has perfect integrity and is always done in the highest and best way.

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